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Web Desing

A web site designed by Tol Team will make your business stand out from your competition. We combine the technology of the site to your business model, industry and specific needs. We will create a solution good enough to attract your costumers attention and usable, simple construction to make your site enjoyable to browse through.

Maybe you already have a web site, maybe even one that you are fully satisfied with, but for some reason it doesn't attract any interest for it. We will test and analyze it to come up with a solution that will make your site finally pay off.

We will deliver a product that combines our best of our creative and technical abilities. Browse through our work, drop us a line and join our evergrowing circle of friends and clients.

From our offer

Offer for private accommodation owners

Light BOX - a simple system for site maintenance for private accommodation owners that will allow you to change the offer price, add new photos, change the calendar at any time.


Self-manage the content of your Internet site

Our clients are satisfied with the simplicity and quality of TOL CMS web content management system ...